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Online Safety


Parent and Carer Responsibilities

In order for us to keep our pupils safe, we need to work together.  Here are the key roles and responsibilities for you as parent and carer.

  • To help and support the school in promoting Online Safeguarding.
  • ·To read, understand and promote the school’s Online Safeguarding policy and the pupil Acceptable Use Policy with their children.
  • ·To take responsibility for learning about the benefits and risks of using the internet and other technologies that their children use in school and at home.
  • ·To take responsibility for their own awareness and learning in relation to the opportunities and risks posed by new and emerging technologies.
  • ·To discuss Online Safeguarding concerns with their children, be aware of what content, websites and Apps they are using, apply appropriate parental controls and ensure they behave safely and responsibly when using technology.
  • ·To model safe and responsible behaviours in their own use of technology and social media.
  • ·To consult with the school if they have any concerns about their children’s use of the internet and digital technology.
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