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New Psychological First Aid training for supporting children and young people affected by emergencies and crisis situations including the COVID-19 pandemic 

PHE launched a new psychological first aid (PFA) online training course to help support children and young people that have been affected by emergencies like the COVID-19 pandemic. It is available for all frontline workers such as teachers, health and social workers, charity and community volunteers and anyone who cares for or is regularly in contact with children and young people aged up to 25, including parents and caregivers. Those completing the training will be equipped to better identify those children that are in distress and provide support to help them feel safe, connected and able to take steps to help themselves during the pandemic or other crisis situations. The course is free, takes up to three hours to complete (that the learner can complete at their own pace) and no previous qualifications are required. PFA is a globally recognised training programme for emergency situations and PHE has developed this new course with input and advice from a range of experts, government and charitable organisations via an advisory group which includes NHS England, the Department for Education, British Red Cross and in partnership with FutureLearn.

PHE, with support from partners, have launched #PsychologicalFirstAid training for people that work or live with children and young people under the age of 25 to help support the mental wellbeing of our younger generation @NHSEngland @BritishRedCross @educationgovuk https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/psychological-first-aid-for-children-and-young-people

If you work with children and young people or are a #parent #carer our new #PsychologicalFirstAid training can help you to give practical + emotional support to those aged up to 25 that may be struggling with the pandemic @NHSEngland @BritishRedCross @educationgovuk https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/psychological-first-aid-for-children-and-young-people

Learn how to support the mental wellbeing of children and young people during this challenging time with our new #PsychologicalFirstAid training. Open to all #professionals #volunteers + the public @NHSEngland @BritishRedCross @educationgovuk https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/psychological-first-aid-for-children-and-young-people

Turn on the Subtitles

Extensive research shows that turning on the subtitles while children are watching television can double the chances of them becoming good at reading. Please check out the video by clicking: https://youtu.be/I-zISnJ-oao

Anxiety Awareness – The link below offers easily implemented guidance to help children with childhood anxiety. It provides parents and teachers with a straightforward structure that is simple to use when explaining what anxiety is to children, how to recognise positive and negative feelings, how to handle these emotions and much, much more.


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